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To help Indian motorists, Google maps to show location of traffic cops on roads

21, Aug 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Google India is planning to launch a new version of its very popular app google maps. The new version is meant to help Indian motorists who struggle to reach their destination on time because traffic police delays them by making them follow traffic rules. By avoiding the roads with traffic police, commuters can save money as well as time as per Ajith K, the project head of google maps team operating from its Bangalore office. 

Google maps
Coming soon- Google Maps with traffic cops

“After shortlisting few Indian cities, in the end we choose Bangalore because of the unique nature of its road infrastructure. Almost all roads are one-ways, bumper to bumper jams starting from your home till any destination you want to go. This keeps the city professionals on its toes and allows them to innovate new ways to cross these obstacles. We are planning to launch the beta version of the app for Bengaluru public first and then roll out the final version across India”, said Ajith.

Ajith added, “Currently Bengaluru commuters who follow google maps, to join their night shift they start in the morning and for morning shift they start much before sunrise. That is because they are following all the rules, worried about traffic cops fining them. However, with our app, they will know the routes where there are no traffic cops. You can always go wrong side in one-ways which saves you a lot of time, you can avoid wearing helmets on those roads, protecting your new hairstyle. There are other standard methods every Indian motorist has learnt from his birth, like signal jumping, drive on the footpaths to cross a portion of traffic. All these can be done confidently without any fear if one knows there is no traffic police nearby.”

“There are some cases when traffic cops suddenly appear out of nowhere, in that case, hopefully smart people of our silicon valley will get down and push their two wheelers by hand in one-ways and cross the signals quickly”, said Ajith

“As Indian government is planning to roll out steep hike in traffic fines soon, which would proportionately increase the commission amount to cops, we need to launch the app soon to help our stressed out public. That’s the reason we are working day and night, perhaps some of my team members are also using the ‘smart’ technique to reach office on-time”, said Ajith K.