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Toll booth worker shows injury marks in interview when asked about work experience by other toll company

22, May 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Whipping up a public frenzy against payments for public utilities – whether it is hikes in bus or train fares, or water and electricity charges – has been staple fodder for political parties for decades. Toll plazas now get added to the list. Easy access and often their remote locations, make them a soft target for violence and threats. Most of the workers at toll plazas have experienced some or other kind of violence in their work experience. Jagdish malik, in fact proved it in an interview that he was the best candidate for the Toll supervisor’s job, by showing his injury marks given to him by different politicians.


Jagdish was working at a small toll plaza in Thane district of Mumbai and after working for 5 years, decided to jump on to a bigger toll company. For this he filled many forms and gave telephonic interviews. It was yesterday that he got a call for a personal interview with a big Toll Company in Maharashtra. Everything went as per plan in the interview, but Jagdish hit the ball out of the park for a huge six when asked about his work experience. He quickly showed his injury marks to different organs of the body and explained each and every mark in detail. He even remembered the names of all politicians who had hit him and the time as well. A Toll supervisor should have the necessary experience of being beaten up by politicians and that would make it easier for him to get the job.

Jagdish Malik soon got an on the spot offer. He has been asked to join the company immediately with a hefty bonus also being given to him. He has been given the additional task of training his subordinates also in the art of ‘getting beaten up’.