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Total no. of vadapav stalls likely to cross total no of residents in Mumbai

25, Sep 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: Vada pav is the most popular snack of Mumbai, enjoyed by almost every Mumbaikar. Recent census report says that no. of vadapav stalls are increasing exponentially and by June 2019 it will cross the No. of Mumbaikars, making an entire vadapav stall available for every Mumbaikar.

Vadapav the on-the-run food for always on-the-move Mumbaikars. Adding Pav to vada provides extra calories and makes it a different snack than enjoyed by people of different states. Reportedly, vadapav business was the only business that didn’t see slow down even during demonetisation.

People were queuing up at ATMs and were even ready to accept the digital change. Vadapav stall owners also showed agility and introduced various e-wallets, card payment and various other digital payment modes.

Vadapav business is one of the fastest growing businesses in India. Even if there are ten vadapav stalls at the same place all ten of them are making profit.

Faking News reporter spoke to one of the vadapav lovers, Mahesh Yadav, who eats vadapav as breakfast, lunch, evening snack dinner and dessert. Mahesh Yadav told Faking News, “Vadapav comes with various flavours now cheese, butter schezwan etc and is also healthy, cheap and can be eaten even while walking or running. I travel by local train and don’t have enough time to sit and have my meals that’s why I prefer vadapav to normal meals.”

Doctors have already talked about health issues arising due to vadapav but Mumbaikars are still not ready for the substitute. So Maharashtra government must take action and make vadapav healthier and more hygienic.