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Traffic brawls in Delhi reach next level as bikers now carry bouncers in backseat to handle the road rage

14, Jan 2018 By RT

New Delhi. Traffic brawls in the city reach next level as bikers now carry bouncers in backseat to handle the road rage, it is learnt by Faking News. In the event of a collision, it will be the bouncer who will bounce from the backseat and get into the brawl, protecting the rider, it is further learnt by Faking News.

“I have recruited my personal bodyguard to help me get through the city traffic. The safety expenses are slightly higher than the fuel and maintenance expenses put together. But, one can never be too careful you know? Despite the bulky presence by my side, still a few guys manage to get physical before even starting the vocal fight. Before I could even check the damages on the bike, I got damaged myself a couple of times,” a Delhi man was very candid talking to Faking News.

“I am a bouncer by profession. I have a bike and I ride in the night to work and back. Can you believe I have recruited another bouncer as a pillion rider to protect me? The reaction time in city road fights are less than a second. Only a backseat rider can be ready for the attack and can manage any counter attack. I make X amount of money as my salary and I pay half of my salary as the fee for my bouncer bodyguard. Isn’t it funny?” another Delhi man, a bouncer and a biker told Faking News.

“Only in the Indian cities, the drivers of the vehicles bang against each other more than the speed with which their vehicles have just banged against each other. Ironically, insuring one’s life costs half of what it costs to insure a car in India. Perhaps, is that the reason people in city traffic get into road fights?” another citizen of the capital city, with a mask on, completed with an open question.

On the way back to office, our reporter had noticed two men in black exchanging blows to each other while two other men in white were carefully checking their helmets and bikes, to assess the damage from an accident involving 4 wheels.