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Traffic cop fines Robert Vadra for parking in a No Parking zone; Vadra purchases the plot to avoid fine

01, Feb 2019 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. The “Damad ka ghotala” (son-in-law’s scam) jibes that the BJP made against Robert Vadra ahead of 2014 Lok Sabha polls to target the Congress are expected to get more shrill and intense in the coming days.But what happened a few days back s not a ghotala but a weird thing. Robert Vadra had to buy a whole parking lot just to avoid paying fine.


This happened when Robert was shopping with his kids in a mall in Delhi and had parked the car somewhere near the mall. it was only after he came back to get his car did he come to know that he had parked his car in the no parking zone.

The traffic police was about to levy a hefty fine on Mr. Vadra but then came the weird climax to the story. Vadra took out his cheque book, called out the person who owned the piece of the land, and bought it in a matter of minutes, blockbuster stuff indeed!.

We had seen such stories in Bollywood movies but it will take some time for people to realize that it happened in reality. But there can be no allegations for this incident on Mr. Vadra as everything was done legally. On being asked why he took such drastic step Mr Vadra said that he never likes to pay fine and so had to find a way to come out of the situation.