Wednesday, 29th January, 2020


Traffic cops fight over collecting fine in Delhi leaving 2 injured, offender quietly slips away 

13, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

A minor argument over collecting fine for traffic violation turned into a wrestling match between a group of traffic constables in Delhi. The cops were manning a busy intersection trying their best to find a traffic offender amidst the constant stream of vehicles.


With citizens at their best behavior to avoid hefty traffic fines, the cops spent the better part of the day hunting for their prey. A few random checks yielded nothing, leading to increasing frustration among the cops.

However towards the end of the day they managed to catch a biker without a helmet. Further questioning revealed that the biker was without his registration and insurance papers.

That’s when an argument broke out between the cops as to who set his ‘eye on the offender’ first. Within minutes it was a free for all as they couldn’t agree on the distribution of fine money.

The fight ensued for an hour which left 2 cops with injuries and giving the offender enough time to slip away.

Bystanders said that they have never witnessed anything like this before. “Cops usually shirk responsibility with the usual ‘ye hamare area mein nahi aata ha‘, have been singing an altogether different tune since the new traffic fines have come into effect,” commented a local resident.

“I have seen cops from other areas roaming here just to spot any offender. Ye itne sincere kab se ho gaye,”  he added.

Sources say that many cops are hoping for a windfall before Diwali, after Delhi CM announced that the odd-even scheme would be implemented again in November this year.