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Traffic Department to replace all "U-Turn" signs on roads with Nitish Kumar's pictures

19, Aug 2017 By itsmihir1993

In a bid to issue accurate driving instructions to the motorists, the traffic department has announced that it will replace all the “U-Turn” signboards on roads with Nitish Kumar’s pictures. The move was announced immediately after Nitish Kumar, who had abused Narendra Modi-led NDA government black and blue, took a major U-Turn and joined the NDA government to support Narendra Modi.

It has come to our notice that commuters have experienced confusion on seeing the on-road signs, which has led to violation of traffic rules on several occasions. By placing Nitish Kumar’s pictures, we will ensure that a clear set of instructions reach the commuters and all the traffic rules are duly observed,” said the Highways minister Gadkari.

Nitish Kumar was seemingly happy with the development when he spoke to us. He said, “I whole-heartedly welcome the move. I will send my ‘neat images’ to the department soon so they can use them to best.”

Since people cannot stand Arvind Kejriwal, all the “No Standing or Stopping” signs on roads will be replaced with Arvind Kejriwal’s pictures.

Taking a clue from the traffic department, the housing board has announced to place pictures of MNS chief Raj Thackeray to replace “no outsiders allowed” signboards outside the building gates. Despite our repeated attempts to contact him, Raj Thackeray remained unavailable for comments owing to his busy schedule of visiting places and vandalising public property.

Lalu Prasad Yadav, with whom Nitish Kumar snapped the alliance, grew furious over the department’s decision. He expressed his disappointed, “They are making rules in a state like Bihar! Modi ji talks about development but no development is real until a signboard can explain the cattle to take a U-Turns. Checkmate, Modi and Nitish,” he smirked.