Traffic Police asks for Government bailout after lockdown severely impacts their daily bribes

10, Apr 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: As the lockdown over Coronavirus continues, several business continue to suffer huge financial losses. Most of them are now looking at Center Government with expectations, and praying for a bailout package. Surprisingly, another section has also asked for a bailout during these bad economic conditions, the Traffic policemen.

Traffic policemen are complaining that due to the lockdown, there have been very few vehicles on the road, resulting in very few traffic related offences. With such few offences, their daily earnings from bribes has reduced drastically, seriously affecting their cash flow situation.

Speaking to Faking News on the condition of anonymity, a senior Traffic Police Officer said, ”It is not just the fact that there are very few vehicles around, problem is Jat those vehicles belong to doctors or politicians, nobody else is on the roads. Now in current situation, if we ask doctors for bribes, we become national villains, and politicians, they have only incoming facility when it comes to bribes.”

“We has become so dependent on this income from bribes that our monthly budget takes this income into account, Govt salary isn’t enough to pay our internet, DTH and OTT bills, itne le rakhe hain. These days we get 200-300 Rs bribe In a day, and that has to be shared with our team of 10. Can only manage to buy 1 samosa for everyone, even chutney doesn’t cone with that”, he tearfully added.

Meanwhile, burglar association of India has also requested for a bailout after their business shut down with everyone staying home all the time.