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Transcript: Narendra Modi's exclusive interview with Ajay Devgn

24, Apr 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

After giving an interview to seasoned journalist Akshay Kumar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to talk to another leading light of journalism, Ajay Devgn. The interview didn’t go as per BJP’s plan as Ajay Devgn insisted on asking some tough questions to the Prime Minister. What did he ask, read on to find out.

Ajay Devgn: Sir we have heard a lot that you sleep only 3-4 hours a day, so when you are awake at night, how many Vimal pouches you eat to keep sleep away? Bolo Zubaan Kesri

Narendra Modi: He He He, you rightly pointed out Ajay that I sleep only for 3-4 hours and world leaders have also asked me why..

AD: Sir that is ok, but how many Vimals per night? Bolo zubaan kesri

NM: No no, I don’t eat Vimal

AD: But why?

NM: Let it be. Ask another question.

AD: I ask tough questions Modi Ji, I am not Akshay Kumar, but if you are saying then let me move on. Next question Modi Ji, when you keep fast for 9 days, how do you resist the temptation to eat Vimal? Bolo Zubaan Kesri

NM: Arey Yaar….. Ajay Ji I don’t eat Vimal

AD: You know it is saffron colored, right? Bolo…

NM: Yes I know it is saffron but our party flag also has saffron, now I can’t eat the flag right?

AD: Ok ok relax, one last question, when you conducted surgical strikes on Pakistan, did you get the strength to do it from Vimal? Bolo Zubaan Kesri

*Narendra Modi takes a sip of water, removes his mic*

NM: Dosti bani rahe

AD: I didn’t understand

NM: Bas dosti bani rahe, Namaskaar

AD: At least say zubaan kesri. Just once, Sir Ji, Bol do na

*And Narendra Modi walks out of the set*