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Travelling through Bangalore traffic, mother of 3 cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner

11, Aug 2014 By johnrj

Bangalore. In an amazing show of cooking expertise, Mrs. Smitha Khanadmi cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner for her three kids and her husband while traveling through Bangalore traffic every day.

When asked the excited mother on how it was possible, “I know it’s difficult for working mothers to handle both home and work at the same time but thanks to Namma Bengaluru’s traffic, I am able to conveniently handle most of my work during travel. It’s nothing really!”

Smitha’s family has to travel 5 KM everyday by car, but it takes them more than one hour which gives her ample time to cook. Their car is fitted with an electric stove and a toaster which helps in quickly getting a bread toast with omelet. Side by side, the rice gets done while Mrs. Khanadmi makes the pending curry.

Bangalore traffic making household chores possible, since time immemorial.
Bangalore traffic making household chores possible, since time immemorial.

“Usually the curry takes some time, but these days it’s raining in Mumbai, and due to that we have heavy traffic in Bangalore, so it gives me a lot of time to do it,” she explained.

While Mrs. Khanadmi is stuck in kitchen and traffic, her husband gets other household work done. Things moving on Bangalore roads again come handy.

“Couple of streets from our house, there are a herd of cows that cross approximately at 10 AM, so at that time I usually get my clothes and my kids’ clothes ironed from the dhobi bhaiya nearby,” Mr. Khanadmi reveals.

He further claims that might be a secret business deal amongst the cow herder and the dhobi bhaiya.

The couple is very happy with the way traffic jams have evolved in the city since the time IT companies started coming in for business.

“Earlier we were afraid how our city was changing. More population, more cars, more buses. But now all this makes so much sense. We especially like the fact that they have built bus stops right after traffic signals, which causes long jams and gives us ample time to do our household work,” Mrs. Khanadmi told Faking News.

On being asked what they were planning to do next, she said, “I am into entrepreneurship, so I am planning to use this time to form some kind of a moving caterers sort of a business. We will sell food to people stuck in traffic. Fingers crossed!”

Meanwhile after hearing the inspiring story of the Khanadmis, the Bangalore traffic police is trying to use this as a propaganda to increase the number of one way routes and diversions to encourage citizens to become self-sufficient and entrepreneurial.