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Treadmills used to dry clothes in 95% of Indian homes

13, Oct 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Fitness is the new and trending mantra and every Indian is slowly but surely realizing the importance of being fit. That is the reason that sales of Gym equipment and fitness accessories is on an all time high and is bound to grow in the coming years. But Treadmills till date remain the most loved equipment among people as it is the easiest one to show off while guests enter your house. Faking News recently did a fitness survey and found that 95% of the treadmills sold in India are used to dry clothes on. Well that shows how important the equipment is.


Most of the upper middle class section opt for a treadmill as going to walk or for a run doesn’t give them the opportunity to show off their fitness regime. We got various responses on how people are putting the treadmill to use in India. Some of the responses were ‘ to take selfies on’, ‘to exercise their pets on’, ‘ For enhancing the ambiance of the house’ and the most frequent response being ‘putting clothes to dry on’. Yes treadmill offers lot of space to put clothes, other accessories and lot many things on as  there is so much space crunch in an Indian house.

Faking News team caught up with one such treadmill user named Sanil Jain and he had this to say, ” There was a lot of problem we face in drying up our clothes during the monsoon season in Mumbai. The treadmill has been out go to option for it. Ever since we bought it our lives have become easy. In fact we put our wet clothes on the treadmill and then go for a walk. So actually the treadmill is being used for the purpose it was bought for and that is to keep us fit.”