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Treasure hunt event clue at engg college points to college library, many drop out saying no idea where it is

13, Aug 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Organizers of the treasure event guessed it right. As no one in college visits ‘college library’ they put a clue pointing to that. The result was on expected lines, many dropped out saying they have no idea where it is.


“More than hundred teams registered for the event. It was scheduled on the last day of the college function, we had less than three hours to complete the event before prize distribution & closing ceremony happens”, said Lokesh P, head of the volunteer group in charge of this event.

“We debated among ourselves let us pick a place inside the campus for which many students will not have any idea. Luckily, we had Ravish Bhai in our group, who is doing his PhD here for last eight years. He told us, he has hardly seen any BTech student at the library. As most of the students participating are doing bachelors, it would be a good option to eliminate many of them”, said Lokesh on the brain storming session that happened among volunteers before the event.

“See, result was on expected lines, after first round we were left with seven teams which was easy for us to manage. Yes, some smart teams took advantage of their smart phones. Seen them calling librarian on the phone number they got from college web page, asking him to share details how to reach there. My guess is most of the teams that went out of the competition in first round didn’t know college have a webpage too”, said Lokesh.

We were eager to know who won the event at last and what was the ‘treasure’ the team found. “It was a chicken piece inside the hostel chicken gravy. We told the winning team to eat it after they said in last two years at hostel mess they have never got one piece to enjoy”, said Lokesh with a smile.