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Trivago guy found travelling with Karnataka MLAs, offers to arrange best resorts at lowest prices for them 

09, Jul 2019 By @jurnoleast

Resort hopping Karnataka MLAs today got much needed help from Trivago guy, who promised to arrange for them best resorts at the best prices.

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The rebel MLAs who are currently headed to Goa from Mumbai, are expected to travel to few other resorts across the country to ensure that they don’t get in contact with Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy.

The hopping exercise however has been very expensive and few MLAs were also seen complaining about their stay. “The entire country is thinking that we are having a great time at the resort. But that is not true. We are on the road for most of the time. And some of the resorts we were put up at, were not to our liking. A few of us are fitness conscious and needed a gym. Others wanted restaurants that served only vegetarian food. So we requested the BJP fellow to rope in the Trivago guy to help us find the best places to stay,” revealed a member from the rebel group.

A few MLAs were also found writing restaurant review to kill time and earn earn some extra bucks too. “Just got a message from an online website which was offering good money to anyone who writes restaurant reviews for them. In the last few days I have had food at so many restaurants that I have no shortage of material to write. Besides they were offering good money and I was getting bored,” said an independent MLA while speaking to our reporter.

Speaking on the itinerary, a source from the BJP said that the MLAs would be travelling to other places as well across the country, till the Govt in Karnataka does not fall. For now the rebel law makers are expecting another week of travel before heading home.

While reacting to the latest developments, a worried looking Karnataka CM while speaking to the media said that he would take all the MLAs to the best resort in Las Vegas if they returned.