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They truly represent us: Delhi public reacts to news of AAP MLAs allegedly manhandling Chief Secretary

26, Feb 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: While Delhi is potentially staring at a constitutional crisis because of the face off between Delhi Government and the bureaucrats, residents of Delhi are really proud of their elected representatives these days. The news of the manhandling has reassured Delhi residents that they didn’t make a mistake while voting and chose the right set of people to represent Delhi.

The famous MLAs and the unfortunate Chief Secretary

Thousands of Delhiites gathered outside the residence of CM Arvind Kejriwal to express solidarity with the accused MLAs. Several people were waving banners in support of the MLAs as well with some even wearing T-Shirts with their faces printed on them.

Faking News spoke to some of the people gathered there in support and general mood was very positive. A Karol Bagh resident, Nihal Singh said ,”Every true Delhiite knows that there is no argument that can’t be settled with a couple of slaps. We never use more than 2 slaps because we are not from Haryana after all. These MLAs just slapped the Sarkari afsar just twice to settle the argument over the government ads. What greater proof is required to prove that these people really are our true representatives. We have to come out and support them now.”

Another local resident, Sumit Tokas said ,”Several times during the past 3 years we were left wondering whether we have made the right choice or not in choosing our MLAs but now they have really proved that we cast our votes correctly. They have also shown that they really are true Aam Aadmi because it is every common person’s desire to slap the shit out of bureaucrats. We only dreamed about it but these MLAs actually did it, they really are our heroes.”

Meanwhile, Government officials in the capital have threatened to stop working if the MLAs accused of slapping the Chief Secretary aren’t punished. This threat has shocked the residents of the national capital who have come to know that government officials were doing some work till now.