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The tunnel was built as an engineering research project from Dera, Ram Rahim clarifies from jail

11, Sep 2017 By RT

Sirsa. The tunnel, from Ram Rahim’s ‘gufa’ to sadhvis’ quarters found in the Dera, is part of an engineering research project, Ram Rahim clarified yesterday amidst the continued searches by the special investigation teams at the DSS headquarters.

“We do several researches at Dera. Our studies cut across a wide spectrum of fields. Medical research, spiritual research, defence and security research, arts, movies and fine arts research and finally engineering research too. The plan devised with scales, compass, curves, rulers and T-squares is now squarely blamed as a sex motive. This is very unfortunate. The tunnel was built as part of an engineering research,” Ram Rahim clarified on the purpose of the tunnel project.

“I have a lot of followers for my spiritual powers and a lot of fan following for my acting prowess in movies. These people follow me everywhere. I never had a private place for myself, leave alone having any private time. The secret tunnel is the only passage where I could walk about freely within the Dera. Now, the engineering marvel is being digged all over again by the investigators and the over-jealous media,” he further expressed his annoyance on the findings.

“We, at Dera, help people come out their worst fears, inhibitions and phobias. That is how we have this huge number of followers. Though we do not advertise explicitly, we help people with fear of God, fear of being without arms, fear of being within arms, xenophobia, claustrophobia and ‘castraphobia’ for novelty. For ‘castraphobia’, we have a whole new meaning at the Dera,” Ram Rahim smiled as he concluded.

Faking News reporter, with special access to the erstwhile DSS chief, left wondering not thinking about the tunnel but what could be this new thing called ‘castraphobia’, within the Dera premises.