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Tur dal and Urad dal in record breaking stand, both are on their way to hit double century soon

19, Oct 2015 By dasu

New Delhi: It’s not only Rohit Sharma who is in good form. After Onion which is consistently scoring 50+ every day for quite some time, now it is the turn of the pulses which are on fire.

Inflation reaching a century faster than some of our cricketers
Prices reaching a century faster than some of our cricketers

Among pulses, Urad Dal and Tur Dal are the leading contenders to make all-time record highs which Onion could not dream of.

Both are right now not out on 175+ and as per the experts who are tracking their score on daily basis, both have a good chance of hitting double century soon.

We spoke to various political parties to know their reaction. BJP Spokesperson Mr. Patra said, “Look at the manner in which we have controlled the price rise, otherwise how come the wholesale inflation is in negative territory. We agree few commodities have spiked up because of scanty rain fall and do not say poor only consume these commodities. Mind you, this is not a government who will sit on its laurels and do nothing.”

“We have taken steps wherever needed, if the situation demands we will take more steps. PMO is checking which countries have scope of exporting these commodities to India. If needed, PM will make a short foreign trip to those places to ensure we get these items imported at the earliest,” he added.

Before we could ask our next question, we saw lunch was served for Mr. Patra who managed with Chicken curry instead of Tur Dal.

It was pretty clear to us that Mr. Patra is up to date with price chart and he is a smart saver. He knows very well that Chicken is now cheaper than Tur Dal.

We asked congress spokesperson Mr. Surjewala how come Mr. Gandhi’s speech writers have missed this vital point considering the grand old party always claimed it stands for the poor.

He said, “I cannot comment what is Rahulji’s view on this till he speaks on this topic. We as a party are concerned about this as we are ordering Dal, Roti instead of Pizza for our party meetings. To control our budget, instead of Tur Dal, we have switched to Chana Dal, which is also on track to hit its maiden century soon.”

Few political parties ignored our request for interview as they felt this topic affects all and does not differentiate between minority and majority. As they are busy with ongoing Bihar election, they told us to come after the election to know their reaction.

We met new member of our political spectrum AAP which always claimed to stand for the aam insaan of this country.

AAP spokesperson told us, “Sab mile huye hai ji . They have given chance to these big political parties through old UPA and now NDA rule, let them give us a chance along with full control of Delhi Police. Once Delhi Police comes in our control, within few days we will control everything, be it price rise, dengue or crime. You name the problem, we will solve it.”

At the end it’s the poor who has no idea what to do now, in their dreams, they cannot afford these double centurions. They are hoping something good will emerge from the next Mann Ki Baat.

At least PM will say something which will be soothing for their ears, if not for their stomachs.