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TV reporter attacked for comparing Anna’s victory celebrations with world cup celebrations

28, Aug 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A television news reporter was chased away by anti-corruption protestors who were celebrating Anna Hazare’s “victory over corruption”. Deepak, the reporter, was attacked with plastic cups and told to stop his nonsense when he compared the anti-corruption celebrations with the spontaneous parties that had broken out in the streets of India after Indian cricket team had won the world cup earlier this year.

“It’s simply wicked and creepy to compare this victory with the world cup victory,” Ramesh Khurana, wearing I am Anna cap argued, “Can’t he see what is happening to Indian cricket team right now in England? Does he mean to say that Team Anna will meet the same fate as Team India? Nonsense!”

Cricket world cup victory celebrations
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Ramesh’s thoughts were echoed by at least five other angry protestors who accused an absconding Deepak of spoiling their mood and spirit after they were already upset with allegations that Swami Agnivesh, a member of Team Anna, had broken away and tried to fix a deal with Kapil Sibal.

Faking News could locate Deepak, who had run away and saved his life and three pouches of gutkha before the crowd could overpower him. The distraught reporter confirmed that things were going absolutely fine till he mentioned cricket.

“They were jumping all around me chanting Anna Hazare Zindabad,” the television reporter recalled the historic moment, “I was about to interview them when I said – the mood here is as jubilant as it was when we had won the cricket world cup – and suddenly all of them went quiet. Before I could understand anything they started pushing me.”

Deepak, hiding behind an Anna mask since then, claimed that his shirt was pulled and torn as people suddenly turned angry and asked him to take back his “evil” words.

“One person accused me of being a kaala angrez who was happy over England’s 4-0 victory over India in the test matches,” Deepak recalled how he was trapped among the non-violent protestors who also accused him of being “corrupt”.

Although currently hiding in fear, Deepak is planning to “get back” at the protestors who attacked him by filing a news report where he could compare Team Anna with Team India and liken Kiran Bedi with either Harbhajan Singh or Sreesanth.