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'Twinkle Twinkle little star' removed from Delhi's nursery syllabus as stars disappear in smog

03, Nov 2016 By manishpaul

New Delhi: The Delhi government on Monday took an encouraging step to raise awareness among children towards pollution by removing an age-old kindergarten rhyme from the syllabus.


The poem, ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’, had been misleading the children in Delhi for a long time now as the pollution levels had risen beyond control. A lot of children had been asking their teachers and parents to show them stars, to which they had repeatedly played Coldplay’s “A sky full of stars” to divert their attention.

“It is difficult for everyone now. The last time someone saw stars in Delhi was 15 years back. The kids are being ridiculous,” said Taara Singh, the Principal of Little Stars World Universe International school, welcoming the government’s decision.

“We also plan to remove any poem related to ‘Chanda Maamu’ as well,” he added.

Parents are equally relieved as they are the ones who have to handle kids at night. “My daughter bought a telescope to see stars but all she could manage to see through the smog and pollution is the street light opposite our home. We somehow convinced her that it was an orange star,” said Twinkle Sharma, mother of a 4 year old girl.

The Delhi government is now planning stronger steps to curb anything that creates a sense of distress among people related to pollution and their childhood stargazing memories, starting from anyone whose name resembles stars, planets or moon. The prime targets are people named Taara, Chaand, Mangal and Twinkle.