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Two colleagues talk for an hour without discussing demonetization, suspected to be aliens

26, Nov 2016 By RT

Cochin. Two colleagues were suspected to be aliens by their coworkers when the duo were seen talking for one hour, in the office cafeteria and they didn’t bring out the topic of demonetization.

2 colleagues

They did mention 500 or 1000 once or twice but it was with reference to the number of bugs in their first software project.

“They have always seemed a little different. Only now, we suspect that perhaps they are from a different planet. A few incidents in the past prompted strong hints that we missed totally. During 1 day cricket matches, they don’t talk scores. When the entire country was humming ‘Kolaveri di!’, they used to sing an incomprehensible song,” told one of their colleagues to Faking News.

“I have never seen them spit on the road. They cover themselves with tissue while coughing; say ‘excuse me’ whenever someone bumps into them, even though it is not their fault; wait for their turn in any queue and more importantly do not laugh out loud whenever someone cracks a joke on India!,” he listed all the characteristics of an alien behavior which is not recognized as Indian.

“From the time of televised address on demonetization, the country has talked of little else. These two had never talked about it and even when seeing long queues in front of ATMs. When everyone, those who can spell economics and those who can’t, has an opinion on demonetization, the duo were busy spelling it on a crossword puzzle. Even at that moment, they didn’t discuss the burning topic,” he described the exact conditions which sealed the opinion that these 2 are in fact aliens.

Faking News reporter wanted to confirm the rumor and met the two of them and asked one simple question: ‘Do you support demonetization or not?’ The two smiled, said they didn’t care and walked off in a direction quite opposite to that of an ATM.