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Two minute breaks making people lazy contrary to the belief

13, Dec 2014 By CrazyHead

Bangalore. A recent study led by the TV addict scientist Dr TVwaala examined the impact of short breaks between movies and soap operas on adults as well as kids. The result supported the view that watching shows with 2 minute breaks influences and promotes couch patoto behavior. The impact is worse during the Winter seasons, when you are sitting in a blanket with a hot cup of coffee. Contrary to the popular belief that short breaks, mean things done faster, the study revealed some shocking results.

Couch Potato!

When Faking News team tried to validate the study, one Mom said, “Even if my son wants to get up and drink water, he can’t because the host says, Don’t go anywhere, we will be back in 2 minutes. Or commands “Don’t touch that remote we will be right back”.

Another victim’s husband was heard saying, “Earlier my wife would let me watch my Cricket match during breaks in her saas-bahu serials, but with the no breaks and two minute breaks, I can barely catch up the scores sometimes and other times have to watch the second TV in my Mom’s room.”

One senior citizen got a little nostalgic and said, “It was good back in our times. We could make tea, answer to nature’s call, and sometimes even get the kids homework done in breaks. But we were very loyal viewers, we never switched channels or waited for anyone to tell us that don’t go anywhere. Could have something to do with only one channel that time but kids switch channels at the same rate as their parents switch employers.”

When Faking News contacted a few TV channels about the study results, the TV said, “We know that people, we don’t expect to watch the soap for 30 minutes. So we first show, Recap, then we show the same thing 3 times from different angels if there is a twist in the story. We also air the same episode 10 times over and over again and have atleast 5 such 2 min breaks. So why are people complaining that they cant get up in the middle of an episode and we are making them lazy.”

Another TV channel said, “If we are airing a one-hour Mega celebration episode, we make 10 min break with a timer on top, that starts after 8 min and says we will be returning in 2 min now. What more can the viewers ask for?”