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Two movies related to balding released in same month shows high stress level among citizens because of Govt’s economic mismanagement: Congress

08, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

Renewing its attack on the Govt, Congress leader Randeep Surjewala commented that the release of Ujada Chaman and Bala just weeks apart were an indication of Govt’s failed policies.

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While pointing finger at the ruling BJP, Surjewala said, “Movies are reflection of the society. There is no doubt that the current Govt is responsible for rising stress levels in the country. And that is causing rapid hair loss among the youth. Bala and Ujada Chaman are testimony to this fact.”

Surjewala shared documents that indicated a clear link between stress levels and balding. “First demonetization, then back scams and unemployment among the youth. All this and much more is the primary cause for many men turning bald. Most of the BJP leaders are nearing 60 and looks is not a priority for them. But Modiji should think about the youth of the country. Receding hairline is a epidemic in this country. Men are not finding sutiable partners. There is a ‘balding crisis’ in this country and our PM is busy touring other nations,” he vociferously said.

The Congress is now planning a nationwide protest against balding and is also expected to sit on a dharna outside PM’s house.

The Govt didn’t hold back and termed the Congress’ accusations as ridiculous and laughable.

“Both Ujada Chaman and Bala did good business which means that people are going to theaters and spending money. That is a good sign for the economy,” said Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Party colleague Nirmala Sitharaman pinned the blame on the increasing use of hair gels and styling products by millennials. “Social media has completely taken over our lives. Millenials are not exempt. They all want to look Instagram ready and that has led to usage of hair products that cause balding,” she remarked.

Though critical of Congress, Govt has taken cognizance of hair loss among young men. “The Govt will shortly be announcing Pradhan Mantri Toupee Yojana, where every bald member of the family will get a hairpiece to cover the bald patch,” revealed a highly placed source.