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Desperate Uber driver asks bride's father to give him 5 stars as dowry 

22, Jun 2016 By banneditqueen

Uber Driver Ramesh who is about to get married has apparently shocked his “would be” in-laws by asking all of them to ride in his taxi and rate him five stars. He has made no dowry demands as such but has kept stringent condition of giving him five stars or he will cancel the matrimonial alliance.

His fiancée and would be wife Radikha said, “He has been behaving strangely since he had started driving the taxi. We were earlier looking for possible Honeymoon spots and I suggested we see a small hotel so that we stay in budget, but he insisted on booking a 5 star hotel only. When Bride’s father enquired Ramesh’s father about this obsession,”Our son was a good boy and we used to give him a chocolate when he was a kid, his favourite was dairy milk. But now he only eats 5 star chocolates”.


His mother added further “Ramesh always had a rating of 5.0 and once a customer rated him 1 by mistake and his rating fell down to 4.9, he was depressed for 5 days he stopped eating he then finally we got our family members to take a ride in his uber and gave him 5 stars’’.

Ramesh’s to be father in law told Faking news, “When he insisted that girl’s side shouldn’t bring fruits as Shagun but Cadbury Five star and mangal sutra should have exactly 5 beads we were a little surprised but we agreed, but when he said they should take only 5 feras instead of 7 I got very angry it would have been better if I had found a tab cab or normal kaali peeli taxi driver for my daughter they are not at all bothered about 5 stars  And now I am terrified what he asks for 5 kids in the future?”.

Not only this, Ramesh keeps asking his family and friends for incentives. Several customers complain about him that he often threatens that he won’t rate them with 5 stars if they don’t do the same. He watches only the movies which are given 5 stars by Taran adarsh

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