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Uber says UberPOOL will not be stopped in Bengaluru as people want to enjoy traffic jams together

11, Feb 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Karnataka transport department has already deemed both UberPOOL and OlaShare as illegal services and have asked both Uber and Ola to withdraw these services before end of February 3rd 2017. However, Uber has clearly stated come whatsoever it will not stop UberPOOL services in Bengaluru. Uber says Public support is on their side, they have nothing to worry.


Recently Uber did a survey among Bangaloreans to know what they want. Most of the people have positively acknowledged to retain the ride-sharing services. People have said they are able to commute so long on traffic filled Bengaluru roads simply because they have someone to chat sitting beside them inside the cabs.

While talking to us, Christian Freeman, General manager of Uber Bengaluru division said, “Post deadline, we are expecting crack down from the transport department on us. We are prepared for it. That’s the reason we have already floated a public petition to garner support for our ride-sharing service. With public on our side and state election just about a year away, Government will not allow transport department to crackdown on a popular service like ours.”

Bengaluru commuters who use these ride-sharing services regularly are happy with the guts shown by Uber. Anuj, a techie while speaking to us said, “In big cities like Bengaluru, hardly we get time to interact with anyone. Through these shared cabs, at least you have someone to talk to, discuss and argue. Not only your debating skills improve, many times you will not realize you have crossed so many jams without feeling restless.”

“These shared cab services are not only about reducing carbon footprint, getting cleaner air, less choked roads. I use shared cabs hoping someday I will meet someone special,” said Anuj who is spending close to forty hours on road every week.

Looking at the public mood, Transport department has come up with a new proposal, now it is saying if Uber & Ola can pick all the commuters from one place instead of different places then it has no problem in allowing these services. People just want to know the official who is taking such ‘smart’ calls.