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UIDAI announces custom Aadhaar numbers, for an additional fee of Rs.500

01, Nov 2017 By RT

593997-aadharNew Delhi. UIDAI has announced today that custom Aadhaar numbers will be provided to Indian citizens, for an additional fee of rs.500. The scheme comes to effect immediately and is expected to influence the naysayers to enroll for Aadhaar with their fancy numbers or names.

“We are announcing the biggest Aadhaar reform with custom Aadhaar numbers. By paying an additional Rs.500, one can have a custom Aadhaar number such as 0000000000RAJESH. The first 10 digits can very well be Rajesh’s mobile number, if he so chooses. Then he does not have to link the mobile number to Aadhaar. See the tremendous potential and the opportunities with the custom Aadhaar numbers here. We are very excited,” an UIDAI official told Faking News.

“There is no limit to the flexibility in the customization. For example, take the case of Mamata Banerjee. We have a custom Aadhaar for her which reads MAMATAISWESTBENGAL. I don’t think she will ever have a problem with something like that. In fact, we have hired linguistic experts to come up with fancy Aadhaar names for our customers. This will be an additional rs.1000 to the rs.500 for the customization. Sreesanth has already applied for 2 Aadhaar numbers – SREESANTHINNOCENT and CATCHTHEOTHERSTOO” the official smiled a little with the announcement.

“I marvel at UIDAI’s conceptualization of custom Aadhaar. I like the open challenge posed on my skills. Been busy making a few custom Aadhaar numbers. A few interesting ones are – SALMANBEINGHUMAN, RAHULGANDHIFORPM19, OPENSUPERSTARKRK and POOJATHEPOPQUEEN” a newly recruited linguistic expert with the UIDAI told Faking News.

Faking News reporter had immediately applied for a new Aadhaar for himself which would read ‘FAKINGNEWSISREAL’ and received a press discount of 10% from UIDAI.