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Unable to find a replacement for Rahul Gandhi, winner of Bigg Boss 13 to be made the next Congress Party Chief: Sources

12, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

Sonia Gandhi may have taken up the mantle temporarily, the inability to find a replacement for Rahul Gandhi had got the grand old party in a quandary. But insiders say that a solution may soon be found after a decision was taken by the CWC to appoint the winner of the next season of Bigg Boss as the new party chief.

bigg boss

After some massive drubbing in the recent elections, Rahul Gandhi expressed a desire to step down as the chief. “There is every possibility that the party might lose the next elections too. We need someone else to take the blame for the loss. Rahul can’t be the fall guy each time,” said a source close to Gandhi family.

Though many names were in the fray arriving at a consensus seemed almost impossible, as most of the members wanted a Gandhi to lead the party. But with Rahul being adamant and Sonia Gandhi in no mood to continue beyond interim period, the CWC reached a consensus that the winner of Bigg Boss be made the party chief.

Sources say that the pre-requisite for the post which required the party chief’s ‘last name to be Gandhi’ could also be relaxed.  “Bigg Boss is a lot of drama, bitching, mud-slinging and so on. So it is no different from politics.” said a senior congress leader.