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Unable to sleep due to lack of smell, Bengaluru resident ask civic agency why you cleaned up the drain after so many years

14, Jan 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Retired government official P Murthy did not get sound sleep for last one month. “I was not getting what’s the problem. I do not have any hidden income or old notes. No tension in life,” said Mr. Murthy while speaking to us.


“Went to my family doctor who is a dear friend of mine to check my blood pressure, sugar. All were ok. During chit-chat with him realized sleeping pattern can get disturbed if there is any major change to the environment we live in. The only change Bengaluru civic agency has done in my area is they have cleaned up the storm water drain last week when I was out of station to attend one marriage,” he said.

Mr. Murthy added, “This is my own house. Shifted here after retirement some fifteen years back. Initially it was tough to go out of house, gave complaint multiple times to clean it as smell was unbearable. Every time civic agency gave me some excuse or other like lack of funds, manpower shortage, change of councilor, change of mayor what not. After few years got adjusted to the smell and I was having no problem.”

“Today I had to go to civic agency office again to ask them why you cleaned up the drain. They have no concern for a senior citizen like me otherwise they could have informed me about it in advance,” said Mr. Murthy who looked visibly upset

“Lucky I am living in a city where smell throughout the city is consistent. Without much hassle found a new house on rent where I get same fragrance throughout day. For last 2 days I am getting sound sleep again,” said a relieved Mr. Murthy.

Apna Ghar Apna Hota Hai, wife is asking me when we will get back. Only good thing civic agency has done is they have kept all the ‘Kachra’ on drain sides. With monsoon they will all get back to drain and hopefully within six seven months I can return back,” said Murthy with a smile.