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UNESCO declares that UNESCO doesn’t declare anything

12, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Paris: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have declared today that they don’t declare anything. They clarified that they don’t declare best national anthem, best PM or best religion. They had to come up with this declaration after a series of declarations in their name went viral recently.

Earlier yesterday, UNESCO had to clarify that they didn’t issue any certificate declaring Islam the most peaceful religion and that it was just a satire piece on a website called Junta Ka Reporter. The “news” had gone viral across the world and eventually, UNESCO had to step in and clear the confusion.

Declaration of no declaration

This is not the first instance of a viral fake news involving UNESCO, since the invention of e-mail, Indians have been getting the mail that UNESCO declares Indian national anthem as the best national anthem in the world. This is the first email that greets 99% of Indian email users, even before Google’s welcome mail. Last month, another such “news” went viral saying that UNESCO has declared Indian PM as the best PM in the world.

“We used to ignore such emails and WhatsApp messages as harmless rumour-mongering but it is really getting out of hand now. Respectable publications and people have started sharing these ‘declarations now’ damaging UNESCO’s name. What will people think, we spend our whole day listening to national anthems, reading religious books and observing how PMs around the world walk and talk? We are doing something good here, trying to make the world a better place. Actually trying to make the world a better place, not like the beauty queens at Ms Universe pageant”, said an exasperated UNESCO official.

“This is the last declaration from us that is not related to our work so can people please just stop sharing that WhatsApp message? You get absolutely no points or money for circulating these messages so just don’t. Just circulate cat pics and dog videos like normal people”, the official added.

Meanwhile, a new WhatsApp message started circulating last night saying that UNESCO has declared Rajma-Chawal as the best food in the world. Sources say it may have originated in Punjab, India.