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University students demand #MyChoice as mandatory option on every MCQ exam

06, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi. My life, my wifi, my voice, my choice”; this may sound like a liberalist haiku posted by some liberal poet on twitter. But it is actually a text from a policy change referendum submitted by students of Jayantilal Nendram University (JANEU) to their management, today morning.

A group of 35 students also staged a red-flag march in front of Chief Proctor’s office and demanded immediate implementation of their referendum. They threatened to disrupt one lecture and one lab every hour until their demands are not met. They also threatened to cut-off electricity and water supply to the whole campus if their demands are not met in the next 16 hours.

Inspiring generations!
Inspiring generations!

Student leader and final year political science student Praneet Sadachaari wrote the following post on Facebook, “Ever since we students have seen that black & white “vague” video, we have understood that #MyChoice is something which frees us beyond the tangles of societal constraints. The video teaches us a lot. Foe e.g. black and white coloring in the video teaches us the importance of simplicity. Gushes of wind throughout the video teach us that life is fickle and we can be blown away just about anytime now. When our life is so simple and fickle all we have is our choice. Hence #MyChoice is essential for our learning and growth as students & as individuals. Consequently we demand that #MyChoice be the part of every activity on campus.“

Some of the key demands of the referendum, as published on JANEU student website are:

  • Every exam in the university from now on should be conducted in a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) format
  • Each MCQ question should include an option called #MyChoice
  • In case a candidate selects #MyChoice option as her answer that question should either be marked right or be left out of the marking scheme as a Pro-Bono question. In any situation #MyChoice answer CANNOT be marked wrong
  • Among other things, all the food-items in the university canteen should have two price tags from now on, normal price and “#MyChoice price”
  • “#MyChoice price” can be anything students wish to pay. If any food item is particularly bad, students may choose not to pay or even ask vendor instead to pay students some money for consuming bad food

While JANEU management did not respond to an email we sent to them for comments, Praneet further clarified future plans of the student body in a followup FB Post, “Management may choose not to implement our demands. That is “their choice” and we would respect that too. But then we would start to make some other choices which they won’t be able to respect.”