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Unplaced MBA students request fellow students to play colorless Holi

26, Mar 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. A group of MBA students cutting across various b-schools of India, who are yet to get a job through campus placements, have requested their classmates to play colorless Holi to show sympathy and solidarity with them.

Mera jeevan kora kaaghaz, kora hi rah gaya,” Rahul, a student from BIMWI (Best Institute of Management in Western India) rued as he rejected consolations from colleagues that it was just a matter of time before he’d also “get placed”.

Taking a cue from calls to play “waterless Holi” to show solidarity with the drought victims in Maharashtra, these students have asked placed students to play colorless Holi.

Banner ad for jobs
Such banners, instead of banners showing semi-nude female models, have started attracting the attention of Rahul.

“It may not get us jobs, just like the water saved in the towns won’t necessarily go to the villages,” Rahul said, “But at least it’d be a nice gesture. A nice symbolic act, something and perhaps the only thing we all are comfortable doing.”

When asked about details of “colorless Holi”, Rahul clarified that it meant that no colors other than black or white could be used by students on campus.

“A black color symbolizes sadness and sign of protest, which will go down well with the mood the unplaced students are in, while a white color could appear like those fairness creams suggesting low self-confidence, again not very different from the mood on campus,” a philosophical Rahul explained.

The call by unplaced students has left the placed students confused and divided.

“I think it’s a fair ask. It might hurt them to see us happy,” said a 23-year-old MBA student who claims to have got a 55 lakhs rupees CTC job offer and a posting in Bihar.

“This is ridiculous! It’s not that he won’t get a job at all,” Roshan, a batch-mate of Rahul protested, “In fact, he may get a better job as all of us have got less than the ‘average salary’ decided by BIWMI for this year’s placement report. To make sure that the average salary mark is met, they’ll have to get these guys placed in higher paying jobs now!”

“Oh yes, it might be on paper only, but our jobs are also on paper only right now,” Roshan insisted that he had full rights to play Holi with colors.