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Untangling earphone replaces Rubik’s cube as the most complicated puzzle ever

24, Nov 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After a man known to be a expert at solving Rubik’s cube and similar other complex puzzles failed to untangle his own earphone after repeated attempts, people close to him are wondering if Rubik’s cube can still stake its claim at being the toughest puzzle on earth.

The concerned authorities have already taken notice of this incident and have decided to replace Rubik’s Cube with unscrambling earphones as the most difficult puzzle ever to have befuddled the human brain.

Rubik's Cube and Earphone
Which one of these are you more likely to pick for brain exercise?

“It is not for weak-hearted. It requires years of practice along with immense courage, concentration, patience, and discipline to be able to untangle your earphones. And therefore it is not a child’s play, mind you,” explained an official justifying their move.

A top institute, which was thinking of including it as a part of their admission aptitude test, dropped the idea after it feared that seats might go vacant as a result.

Even the corporate sector has been hit hard by this puzzle troubling the human race and is trying hard to come to terms with it.

“There has been growing demand by our employees to have two weekends in a week; the first one to just untangle the earphone and the second one to use them or to take a break after achieving the tiring feat,” an HR manager of a leading IT company confirmed to Faking News.

“I have totally outsourced it to an agency who have a dedicated team of 12 people to untangle my earphones just when I need them,” said MD of a leading Company how he has managed to stay stress-free over the years.

Leading hair expert Dr Batra explained how untying knots of earphones has been the biggest factor contributing to hair fall among young people in the country. He declared that he will send emails to millions of users containing tips to prevent hair fall by quickly untangling their earphones at his clinic.

While scientists are still trying to figure out how exactly an earphone manages to get itself into such a position of virtually no return, International Olympic Committee (IOC) is contemplating to include it as a sport in Olympics from next year. The only glitch, as per an IOC source, is that the official duration of Olympics is no more than 16 days.