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UPA says all scams were mock drills to test law enforcement

04, Feb 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Still hounded by accusations of several scams taking place under its regime, the UPA government has decided to reject all of them by claiming that the scams were actually “mock drills” to test alertness of various law enforcement and vigilance agencies.

Government has blamed agencies like the CBI, ED, and CAG among others for having “failed” the drills, as the “mock scams” could successfully take place.

“Even the Supreme Court wondered what CBI was doing all these months in case of the 2G scam,” a UPA source told Faking News, “We started with basic drilling exercises like changing the deadline for spectrum allocation applications without any public notice, but no agency took any notice.”

The source further claimed that “disappointed” with preparedness of law enforcement agencies, UPA then decided to take the drills to the “next level” and all rules were flouted left and right and specific companies were favored. Still nothing happened.

Complaint box against Corruption
Apparently the suggestion to conduct a mock drill to test alertness against corruption came from some aam aadmi, who used this complaint box in Ladakh to throw in the idea

“Such mock drills were carried out in various ministries and departments and we had even called in Army for help in some cases like the Adarsh Housing Society drill, but we found the agencies really ill equipped to handle such situations,” the source revealed.

The source informed that barring a handful of top officials and politicians, these drills appeared like “actual scams” for rest of the people, which included “outsiders” like the media and general public, who are now crying wolf over the issue.

“Top level secrecy is maintained while carrying out such mock drills and the ‘truth’ is revealed only after the drill is over,” informed our source, citing the example of the mock hijack drill that was carried out a couple of weeks back at Delhi Airport, where agencies failed again.

UPA maintains that all the money lost in such drills were “notional”, as reiterated by telecom minister Kabil Sibal earlier, for they were never meant to be actual scams.

“Oh, those were the costs incurred to conduct those drills,” argued the source, “Let’s take the example of Delhi Airport hijack drill again; surely some money and resources were used in that, would you call that a scam?”

The government is planning to reveal this “truth” to the Supreme Court next week and seek closure of all investigations into these alleged “scams”.

But the main opposition party BJP has rubbished the claims and has instead demanded formation of a JPC (Joint Practicing Committee) so that such mock drills could be carried out jointly by all political parties in future.