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UPSC impasse resolved, all 10+2 passed students to be identified as engineers

01, Aug 2014 By sambitdash

New Delhi. The union government has found a unique solution to end the impasse over the Civil Services examination. The complaint of aspiring students that the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) is pitted against those from a regional language background and is tilted towards engineers, has been addressed, government sources claim.

To douse the fire, government has issued a circular, effective retrospectively, which will give a level playing field to everyone. Under the new rule, the 10+2 (also called as PUC) certificate has been replaced with Bachelors in Engineering (BE) degree.

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Addressing media persons and irate aspirants, DoPT minister Jitendra Singh explained why an engineering degree was the new 10+2 certificate, “Engineering is anyway a basic degree nowadays; in order to specialize in any field, from photography to MBA to wine-making to just passing time on Twitter, a BE degree is a must.”

“So far as the language issue is concerned, we will subsidize marks of students from regional languages backgrounds,” he added.

The minister further declared that those preparing for UPSC exams for over two years will get subsidized as well as grace marks. Sources tell Faking News that this is to make sure they don’t lead any protests.

Government claims that with BE degree available to everyone, all aspirants will be at par for appearing at Civil Services examination.

As soon as the news broke, the protesting students were confused about their status.

“Shall we be a nation of engineers?” wondered Ritesh, who got his BE degree earlier this year and who feels that the move will dilute his already diluted degree.

Some educationists raised objection regarding the nomenclature of the degree. They wondered how could the government call it BE right after Class X as certain qualifications are required to be called a bachelor.

When asked if this wasn’t a blow to engineers, the minister scoffed at the question. He asserted that, “We are a nation of engineers and engineering colleges.”

He claimed that this will help engineering degree get back its lost glory.

“All the colleges that have shut down, most notably in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, will reopen, and as far as teaching faculty is concerned, there is no dearth of unemployed engineers,” the minister explained, “The current 10+2 colleges will all be converted to engineering colleges in the next five-year plan.”

A babu in the department of personnel, on conditions of anonymity, informed that students were very happy with the move. “Even if they fail to become an IAS, at least they will get an engineering degree,” he said.