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Upset with more attention given to Talgo, Rajdhani goes on hunger strike outside Gujjar leader's house

03, Aug 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: The Railway Ministry’s increasing focus on having high speed trains, has not gone down well with many other regular trains including Rajdhani Express. The Rajdhani, which  had considerable clout is now seeing it’s influence waning and is planning a massive protest outside Gujjar leaders house asking for ‘reservation’.

A Rajdhani all set for protest against Talgo
A Rajdhani all set for protest against Talgo

Speaking to Faking News, the Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express said, “When a Rajdhani runs, other trains have to make way for it. This is the un-written rule of Indian Railways. But with this Talgo, we are unsure of our future. We demand ‘reservation of tracks’ for high speed trains like Rajdhani.”

When asked as to why they were protesting outside a Gujjar leader’s house instead of Railway Minister’s residence, the Rajdhani replied with a poker face and said, “What do these guys do when they want reservation?”

Apparently, around 100 high speed trains have registered their participation in a hunger strike. “We won’t relent till our demands are met,” screamed the Lucknow Rajdhani Express.

Govt. too is treading cautiously considering the upcoming UP elections.

Railway Ministry has not given any official statement but if sources are to be believed, the introduction of Talgo may be indefinitely delayed.

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