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Upset with RCB's performance, Mallya may return to India to give Kohli a pep-talk, no conformation on loan repayment

03, Apr 2019 By @jurnoleast

It’s not just RCB fans who are pulling their hair over the teams performance. Fugitive business tycoon Vijay Mallya too is reportedly concerned with consecutive losses of Kohli and his boys.

Apparently, Mallya was livid after RCB lost to RR in what looked like a match which could have been easily won by RCB. But some sloppy fielding coupled with some aggressive striking by RR led to a dismal situation from which the team couldn’t recover.

Source say that with the team not registering a single point on the table has got the liquor baron worried and he is now planning to make a secret visit to India before the next RCB match.

“Look at the way they dropped those catches. I think the boys need to be motivated. Maybe I’ll hand them the latest Kingfisher calendar. There is still hope for the team to make it to the semis,” he said while speaking our reporter post match.

When asked if there was any hope of him repaying his loan, Mallya refused to comment and requested that questions be asked related only to IPL.

The news of Mallya making an India trip has got the law enforcement agencies as well as SBI employees on high alert. The bank employees have on several occasion come out with innovative ideas to make Mallya pay up the money.

Last year the female employees of SBI sent a giant rakhi for rakshabandhan and asked him to repay his loan amount as gift. The bank has refused to comment on its plan post the news of his secret visit.

A circular was also sent to all branches of the bank asking employees to skip lunch so that Vijay Mallya doesn’t get a chance to say that he came to repay the amount during lunch time and the bank staff replied ‘abhi lunch time hai ..baad me aana’.