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Upset with not being photographed enough on his African visit, PM Modi signs an agreement to ‘transfer knowledge about photography’

08, Jul 2016 By @jurnoleast

South Africa: PM Modi who is currently on his visit to Africa signed a one of its kind agreement to transfer knowledge about photography with African nations.

Diplomatic faux-pas
Diplomatic faux-pas

Speaking to Faking News a senior official who is part of the contingent said, “From the time Mr. Modi stepped out of the aircraft, it was apparent that something was amiss and it didn’t take too long to realize that there was just one cameraman on the ground. Mr. Modi, instead of complaining about the lack of cameraman, immediately proposed an agreement to transfer photography knowledge from India to African Nations.”

A close aide of South African President Jacob Zuma confirmed the news and said, “Yes it’s true and we are looking forward to it.”

When asked about the ‘no-photograph faux-pas’ he said, “We apologize for this and we are ready to share screen-grabs from CCTV footage to make up for it.”