Urbanclap sales skyrocket as people call for resources to help them open food boxes delivered by Zomato

07, May 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Food delivery has been a boon during this time of lockdown. With food comes the boxes taped so sophisticatedly that sometimes it takes hours to open them.


People take out their equipment to open up boxes and the whole family is involved sometimes. Opening the boxes is an art perfected only by a few and the rest need a bit of help in doing so. This is where companies like Urbanclap step in. They provide resources for all household-related work where the opening of boxes is becoming a separate vertical for them.

During the lockdown period, Urbanclap has registered tremendous growth in the sales as more and more resources are required to open the boxes and more people are availing this service.

The resources are well trained and they open your boxes without spilling any food. There are spillage charges which the company pas if any food is spilled over in the process of opening the boxes. There can be synergies drawn and a long term partnership between Zomato and Urbanclap to deliver smooth services during the lockdown phase.