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US Army called to rescue Biden as he falls into a pothole in Mumbai

23, Jul 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. In a development that could embarrass Mumbai residents (not sure about the BMC though), US Vice President Joe Biden, who was in the city on his 4-day visit to India, has fallen into a newly constructed pothole of Mumbai right outside Bombay Stock exchange where he was to address and meet top Indian business leaders.

“We had just stepped out of our car and I was showing him buildings around on our way to BSE and all of a sudden he disappeared. First I thought Joe was in some mood to play hide and seek so I waited for him to appear again. But when he didn’t turn up I asked my convoy to look for him. And after extensive search we established that he had fallen into a pothole right outside the BSE,” an Indian official accompanying Biden told Faking News.

Joe Biden
आई शपथ मी भारतात परत कधी नाही येणार. (Mother’s promise, I will never come to India again.)

“See we have our own limitations. It has been raining continuously for last 48 hours in Mumbai. So such potholes are bound to be there. In fact, 3 of my own family members had to spend last night in a pothole. In Mumbai, it is very normal,” said a BMC official sweeping the issue under the carpet while Biden was gasping for breath under a pothole.

“Mr. Biden should in fact look at our hospitality. Instead of giving him an old pothole to reside, we made sure he went into a newly constructed one. And being from the land of Disney, Biden must be quite used to such adventures. We are sure he must be enjoying it,” the official pointed to Biden waving frantically for help.

The official offered to name the pothole after Joe Biden when Faking News pointed out that the incident could ruin India’s record of hospitality.

The Mumbai Police have so far failed in their efforts to rescue Biden as the worn out life-jackets couldn’t fit their bodies.

With the Indian army extremely occupied in calmly observing infiltration of Chinese army, 65 MPs have written letters to US President Barack Obama urging him to send his army to rescue their Vice President.