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US return guy talks in Indian accent; neighbours doubt his onsite visit to be within India

27, Oct 2017 By RT

Mumbai. A US return guy came back from the trip and started talking normally in Indian accent, at home and with everyone in the neighbourhood. The neighbours immediately doubted his onsite visit to be within India. One of them asked for a pack of Marlboro as a test and confirmed when Navin, the US return, offered a pack of Kings, it is learnt by Faking News.

“What is the foremost sign that someone had an onsite visit to the USA? talking in a thick American accent. Using words like Guys, Bucks, What’s up, Dude and Check it out! This guy not only talks in Indian accent but also talks to me in Hindi and asked me ‘Kaise ho uncle?’ One hundred percent, I can assure you that this guy had been to some place in Bihar and not New York” one of the neighbours told Faking News.

“Just the other day I saw him buying movie tickets for ‘Golmaal Again’ and eating at Kareem’s and not at Burger King in the mall. He was wearing an Indian shoe, park avenue pants and shirt and reading articles from your satire website and not watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S on his mobile. There was no Levi, no Nike and no Tommy. Nothing to suggest that he had visited USA. After the movie, right out of the mall when he lit up a Kings cigarette, I confirmed that he did not go to US,” another one, living not too far away from Navin, told Faking News.

“I know my opposite flat fellow, an young chap at 25, visited one of them US cities on a 3 months implementation project. After coming back, he started talking in a thick American accent. I couldn’t understand half of what he used to talk. He even talked in Hindi with an Yankee accent and Marathi in a southern accent from US. Now, that is the proof,” he smiled broadly lighting up a Marlboro given by the opposite door US return.

When Faking News reporter met Navin and asked him ‘What’s up dude?’ he simply smiled and said ‘Theek hai’ and moved on, absolutely nothing in his behaviour suggested that he had been to one of the top companies in US on a high profile technological project.