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US says no to reservation in 50000 jobs created after Obama’s India visit

09, Nov 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Reports indicate that White House has turned down requests from India to reserve at least 40% of the 50000 jobs, which were created after the just concluded Obama’s visit to India, for “underprivileged sections of the society”.

Even though a formal communication received by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment suggests that White House has asked the Indian government to wait till President Obama comes back to the USA, our sources suggest that the US authorities are in no mood to heed to the Indian requests for reservations in jobs.

“It seems that President Obama quoting Mahatma Gandhi so many times and the first couple dancing with children has gone to the head of the Indians,” said a White House employee on conditions of anonymity.

Obama facepalm
Obama, apparently after being asked to implement reservations

“We are neither going to accept their ideas of justice nor are going to dance to their tunes,” he added.

Earlier, during the state banquet hosted by the Indian President Pratibha Patil, union minister for social justice Mukul Wasnik is believed to have asked President Obama to implement reservations for SC/ST/OBC. Obama was having achari fish tikka at that moment according to trusted sources.

“Yes, President Obama told your minister bahoot dhanyawaad and jai hind, but that doesn’t mean he accepted his views,” the White House employee said and appealed to the Indians not to read too much between the lines.

But the suggestion by the Indian ministry has opened a can of worms back in the US, where many communities have claimed themselves as underprivileged and laid a claim on the newly created jobs.

People from South Carolina (SC), mostly Republicans, have asked for the jobs mistaking Mukul Wasnik’s terms used, which have been further misinterpreted as Star Trek (ST) and Obama’s Black Constituency (OBC) by the Americans.

“South Carolina residents surely need reservations. We are always asked tough questions during interviews,” said Caitlin Upton, one of the protestors.

But White House has played down such demands and has hoped that Obama would be able to finalize a “deal” that would satisfy all. Sources suggest that Obama administration has asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to shift Mukul Wasnik back to Maharashtra as Chief Minister so that the issue is nipped in the bud.