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US settled NRI coming to India next week suddenly discovers she has 25 nephews and nieces

08, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Edison, New Jersey: 40 yrs old Alka Sharma, who is planning to visit her hometown of Chandigarh next week, has suddenly discovered that she is the favorite aunt of 25 young boys and girls. Since yesterday, Alka has been bombarded with calls from India by her nephews and nieces who were all inviting her to visit them when she comes to India.

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This sudden spurt of phone calls has left Alka surprised since her nephews and nieces never call her. In fact, her brother and sister in India also just give her missed calls asking her to call back.

“I had posted in my family WhatsApp group last month that I will be coming to India during the 2nd week of September. After a few requests for gifts from US by family members, there was almost no contact over the past few days. However, all that changed yesterday when my phone kept ringing every 2 minutes. It was always a nephew or a niece, I didn’t even know I am aunt to so many kids”, Alka said.

“Their messages were almost similar. They enquired about my health, asked me how am I doing, asked when am I returning to India. Out of politeness, when I asked them what I can get them from here, none of them replied. They all said they have nothing particular in mind right now and will call back once they have decided on something. It was most unusual to receive calls from all of them on the same day like that”, Alka added.

Through our contacts, we finally managed to track down one of Alka’s nephews. When we asked him the reason behind this sudden love for his aunt, he said,”iPhone 7 bhai. She is coming to India 3 weeks before iPhone 7 comes to India. For 3 weeks, I will be the coolest kid in college showing off my latest iPhone. Hopefully Swati will agree to go out with me after checking out my latest iPhone.”

When we asked him why didn’t he ask for the iPhone then when he called Alka, he smiled and said,”Boss, first time in life I spoke to her and straightaway I should ask for an iPhone? I am not that manner-less. I will make the second call tonight to tell her that I have decided on the gift I want.”

Meanwhile, several NRIs have requested Tim Cook to launch iPhone in India at the same time as the rest of the world.