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US to open a new consulate at Bengaluru's Silk Board junction for convenience of thousands of techies stuck there

10, Jun 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

Bengaluru: The United States of America has decided to open a new consulate in Bengaluru and it will be located at the notorious Silk Board junction. The decision has sparked wild celebrations across Bengaluru, especially among the IT crowd.

Silk Board junction
Silk Board on a day with less traffic

For those not in the know, during Modi’s meet with Obama, the American President has agreed to open a new consulate at Silk Board junction, the place with maximum techie density in India.

Indian software engineers form a large chunk of the IT workforce in USA, a fact highlighted by PM Modi during his recent visit to the USA.

The consulate, with elaborate subways, will be built in such a way that an applicant can get off his car/cab/bus and enter the consulate through a subway on one side of the junction  and after getting his consular work done, can exit through a subway on the other side of the junction, comfortably in time to again catch his transport. The consulate will also have a Wi-Fi enabled food court in case there is time left to kill before his/her transport crosses the junction.

“Setting up the consulate at the Silk board junction was a no-brainer. Thousands of IT employees spend a majority of their lives at Silk Board anyway. It will be of a great help to both the countries, India and America. American tech companies need Indian engineers and Indian engineers want to go to America. Everyone is happy,” said a US government official.

“This is great. This will ensure that I don’t need to take time off work to get my visa done,” said Viswanath Reddy, manager at an Analytics firm, who took most of his life’s big decisions at the Silk Board traffic jam.

Meanwhile, US embassy has denied reports that the decision to open a consulate at Silk Board was taken after a US national’s passport expired during the time he spent stuck at Silk Board.