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To use two old 1000 Rs notes lying at home, man buys 100 strips of Paracetamol tablets

25, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: While people with large number of 1000 and 500 Rs notes at home are queuing up outside banks ever since the announcement of demonetization, people with a few notes are trying to use them up wherever they can. One such man, Arup Kumar, decided to buy 100 strips of Paracetamol tablets to use up his two 1000 Rs notes after hearing that these notes are accepted at pharmacies.

1000 rs note
Koi to le lo

Since the announcement on the 8th of November, government has listed various places where the old notes can still be used. These include bill payment at public utilities, petrol stations, government hospitals and pharmacies. Some people have used this opportunity to settle all pending bills, some are getting petrol tank completely filled for the first time, and some are using it to buy medicines.

“My first instinct was to go and get them exchanged at the nearest bank but the queues were awfully long. I thought I will wait for a few days when the queues reduce in length but the government stopped the exchange of notes altogether now. I don’t want to waste time in going to the bank to deposit only 2000 Rs so I thought I will use them up at a pharmacy”, Arup said explaining his decision.

“I was wondering which medicine to buy from the pharmacy when I started suffering from a light fever, must be due to all the tension of getting rid of these 2 notes. That is when the idea struck me; fever is always coming and going so I will always need Paracetamol. I had to search for hours to find a pharmacy with 200 strips of the tablets in stock but eventually I did manage to find one and the moment I gave the pharmacist those 2 notes, my fever also went away. Now I have a lifelong supply of Paracetamol and I didn’t even have to go to the bank”, Arup recalled his struggle to get rid of the notes.

When we told Arup that the tablets will expire in a couple of years so he doesn’t really have a lifelong supply, Arup cursed loudly and went to take a bath with icy cold water in an attempt to get a fever so that his tablets don’t go to waste.