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On Vada Pav day, Panipuri vendors take to the streets demanding a Panipuri day

24, Aug 2016 By RT

Mumbai: Yesterday, the city celebrated World Vada Pav Day with much fervour and fanfare. Vada Pav vendors introduced new recipe vada pavs in different taste, composition and in different colours.

Which one deserves its own day?
Which one deserves its own day?

Most of the commuters in railway stations had no idea that they were chewing on a global snack on a day marking the globalness of the food item. Some Vada Pav vendors, who knew, had posters proclaiming ‘World Vada Pav Day’ written in Hindi and Marathi, outnumbering the ones in English.

Everyone seemed happy and everything was going good until a group of Panipuri vendors organised themselves into some kind of a movement and started shouting slogans. “We want we want, Panipuri Panipuri Global day Global day!” the sound ricocheted in the corners of most of the busy Mumbai streets.

Amidst the chaos, Faking News managed to talk to one of the Panipuri vendors, from the sidelines of a protest march. The vendor, with some kind of a union role, was at his eloquent best and minced no words while mincing non-stop on his Panipuris. “We want we want, Panipuri Panipuri Global day Global day!” the vendor shouted at the hapless reporter.

The Faking News reporter accepted a course of Panipuris and couldn’t readily answer the direct question posed at him: “don’t you think this delicious item deserves a global day?” Unable to answer the question, the reporter did what he does best; asked a question to the vendor: “Is this a protest march or a demand march?”

“Well. Both! What we are more annoyed at are the advertisements yesterday in leading newspapers, about vada pav with Usain bolt and Vishy anand .’Fast food for fastest legs and fastest mind‘ I swear!  Leave alone puri; I say deny pani to them for 2 days and see those legs and mind!” the vendor was almost furious with his arguments.

“Listen! Panipuri is an addictive food. Vada Pav is a repulsive food. One can have 10 Pani Puris and still have an appetite for some more. Can you have 3 vada pavs at once? Pani Puri is the street food, fast food and the global food. Period. Try this! To say Vada Pav Inc!  It is so stressful. Now, say Pani Purinc! It is but natural that we are global and we deserve a world day!” the leader insisted at the reporter and left to join the cheering crowd to demand a global Panipuri day.