Veeru and Basanti breakup after Basanti insists on playing Holi with filtered water from KentRO

20, Mar 2019 By @jurnoleast

Holi in Ramgarh won’t be the same again this year after reports that Veeru and Basanti were heading towards splitsville.


Apparently, Bansanti refused to play holi with regular water and insisted that Veeru use filtered water from KentRO.

While speaking to our reporter and replying to questions on why he wouldn’t agree to Basanti’s demand, Veeru said, “Kuttey Kaminey, filter water se Holi kaun khelta hai. Pata nahi Basanti ko kya ho gaya hai. I think she is obsessed with filtered water. But honestly this is like taking it too far.”

The cold war between Veeru and Basanti is threatening Holi celebration in the town. “Usually they are the ones at the forefront of Holi celebrations. And if they are not part of the event, I don’t think village folks would participate in large number like they used to do previously,” remarked Thakur Baldev Singh.

Water for the festival is usually sourced from a nearby lake. However, Basanti had raised cocnerns over the pollution and said, “Holi sirf KentRO ke shuddh paani se hi khelungi”.

While most people of Ramgarh would want the couple to patch up, sources say that it seems highly unlikely as Veeru has refused to give in to the demand.

On the eve of the festival, Veeru unfollowed Basanti on Instagram, quit the Ramgarh Whatsapp group and even created a Tinder profile.

“He is very angry like never before. Not to mention that he is hurt too. God forbid if he swipes right on Tinder, it will be all over for them,” said a local barber.

Meanwhile, Jai is trying his best to ensure that a jilted and heartbroken Veeru doesn’t end up on the water tank once again, threatening to commit suicide.