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Vegetable vendor disappointed with Obama’s tour of India

06, Nov 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Ram Singh, a vegetable vendor doing daily rounds in eastern Delhi, was glued to the television set the whole day tracking US President Barack Obama’s tour to India, but was left disappointed at the end of the day as Obama didn’t announce any policies that could benefit his business. Singh, 49, was full of “hope” and looking for a “change” in his life as a result of Obama’s India tour.

“I don’t know, but somehow I thought it could impact my life,” Ram Singh said, who had been following media reports on Obama visit, as he decided not to go on a vegetable-selling round today and watch television instead. Singh estimates his losses to be hovering around thousand rupees due to watching news channels.

US President Barack Obama is expected to bring change all over the world

“That doesn’t account for the mental fatigue I had to go through,” Ram Singh clarified.

Ghanta!” screamed Singh as he finally moved away from the television set at his neighbor’s house that was showing leading Hindi news channel Aaj Tak with its screen reading, “Obama aaye, kya laaye.”

It’s not year clear what Ram Singh had in mind when he thought Obama’s trip could benefit him, though Singh maintains that he was expecting Obama to announce some “agricultural policy” for India.

“Oh, that’s not his job!? We have an agriculture minister for that? Who is he?” Singh said in disbelief when Faking News pointed out that his expectations could have been misplaced to begin with.

Nonetheless, Ram Singh maintains that he had started losing hopes when he heard a television commentator say that Obama was looking to create jobs in the US through his India trip.

“How can India help him create jobs in US?” wondered Singh, father of a 24-years-old university graduate and unemployed son who has been refusing to join his vegetable-selling business for over two years now.

“Of course India could help him,” retorted Ravish, Ram Singh’s son, as he gave the bundle of last month’s Employment News copies to his father for making paper bags, and added, “Obama would announce a Martin Luther King National Urban Employment Guarantee Act (NUEGA) when he goes back to his country.”