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Vijay Mallya spotted at Ind-Pak match, says he has no money to buy a big LED so came to watch live

05, Jun 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Of the many renowned people that attended the India-Pakistan Champions Trophy match on Sunday, one was absconding Indian businessman Vijay Mallya. Currently out on bail Mallya was spotted in VIP stand enjoying the match at Edgbaston. Soon as interviewers lined up, Mallya clarified  that he has no money left with him to buy a big LED screen so had to watch the match live in the ‘VIP’ stand.


Mallya was later seen with commentator and former India batsman Sunil Gavaskar. Media reporters, as soon as the pictures circulated on net, reached the ground to interview Mallya and the information they got was nothing short of a shock

Faking News reporter also got a chance to interview him and he had this to say, ” After restrictions on my ability to conduct my businesses, I am really running short of money. I am not able to enjoy the various luxuries that I used to, for e.g previously I had the privilege to watch the match on a big screen at my house, invite friends for a party to watch match, sometimes I even got the luxury of having a look at the pitch which only few people get, but now I just have to sit in a VIP stand and watch the match with some rich people around. Its embarrassing for me. But I will continue leading this normal life, to make people believe in India that I am a changed person now and if given more loan, I will use it judiciously.”

The government officials have still not taken any decision about how to bring Mallya to India. But one of the officials in the external ministry named Shugato Banerjee believes that Mallya is a changed person  now and if he maintains this austerity then he can be given some relief in the hearings.