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Vin Diesel gets a taste of India, receives sms from Dr. Batra for hair loss treatment after landing in the country

12, Jan 2017 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Hollywood actor Vin Diesel, who landed in Mumbai on Thursday morning to promote his latest movie xXx 3, got a taste of India after he received an sms from Dr. Batra after touching down in the city.

Vin Diesel and Deepika Padukone share a laugh over the Dr. Batra sms incident
Vin Diesel and Deepika Padukone share a laugh over the Dr. Batra sms incident

Speaking to Faking New, a member from the actors entourage said, “The moment the flight landed and Vin turned off the flight mode, he received a message from someone called Dr. Batra. The sms was about a treatment that claimed to treat balding in men. It wasn’t just one message, he received around 10 messages from banks selling him ‘2 BHK flats in premium locality’ to ‘special offer from local gym’, the messages kept pouring in. Deepika asked him to ignore all those messages and Vin too was nonchalant about them. It was later that we learnt that these sms’ are common in India.”

There were also reports that the Hollywood actor had a minor run-in with a traffic cop in Mumbai while he was on his way to an event in Bandra.

Our reporter spoke to traffic constable Babanrao Ghorpade,who was at the signal where the actor was stopped for questioning. “As usual I was keeping an eye on the traffic and looking our for the occasional offenders. I saw an SUV speeding in my direction. Pehla thoda darr laga. Apni safety ke liye maine socha ki jaldi footpath pe chadh jau. Fir yaad aya ki mai toh Bandra me hu, yaha footpath bhi safe nahi hai. Luckily for me the car stopped. I asked for the tinted glasses to be rolled down. A bald guy was sitting inside. I asked him his name and he said Diesel. Tabhi mujko gussa aya. Speeding ke liye maaf kar deta, lekin ye ‘Diesel’ kya hai? mai kya petrol pump ka attendant lagta hu jo usko Diesel du,” said the angry traffic constable.

The matter was settled after Vin’s co-star and bollywood actress Deepika Padukone stepped in.

Apparently, the actor is savoring all his experiences while he is in the country and doesn’t mind if a few turn out to be not as expected. Though a busy schedule will mostly eat up into his entire day, leaving very little time to explore the city.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Dr. Batra clarified that such messages are sent in bulk and it was a coincidence that a message related to hair loss treatment was sent to the actor. When questioned as to  how they managed to get hold of the Hollywood actors contact number, the spokesperson chose not to respond.