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Virar train gang beats up a guy for being fat, said he was occupying too much space

28, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: A day after female commuters from Virar assaulted a girl for getting down after only 2 stations; their male counterparts have joined the party by beating up a guy for occupying too much space. The victim, Vikram, was beaten up for being too fat and occupying too much space in an already crowded compartment.

Virar station
UNESCO has declared Virar station as the best station in the world

Virar local is declared by UNESCO to be the most crowded place on the earth and the Oxygen deprived people are always on the edge. Tensions routinely run high and people are beaten up for anything that even remotely pisses off the commuters. In such a scenario, the unfortunate Vikram bore the brunt of their frustrations due to his high weight.

“I was warned by my colleagues to avoid taking the Virar local but my office is really far and I can’t afford daily taxi rides. Generally I leave for work at 6 AM when trains are comparatively empty and I sleep in my office till 9 to catch up on my sleep. However, yesterday I was at a party and couldn’t go to sleep till 1 AM and hence, couldn’t get up in time. I had to take the rush hour local and if that wasn’t punishment enough, I was beaten up by my fellow commuters for occupying too much space”, a sobbing Vikram told Faking News.

One of those commuters explained the situation and said,”Boss have you seen the situation in that train? We stand on one toe only to ensure we occupy as little space as possible. Then there was this guy, standing with both his feet on the ground and was occupying enough space for 4 commuters. We did a social service by beating him up and forcing him off the train at the next station to make space for greater number of people. Instead of rewarding us, Railway Police came and warned everyone in the train to never repeat this else they will put everyone in jail. Bhalai ka to zamana hi nahi raha.”

Meanwhile, a gym in Virar has started ‘Virar fast packages’ which promises to make people strong enough to survive daily commute in Virar local.