Virat Kohli gets ICC award for Best Cricketer in a TV commercial for Manyawar kurta ad

23, Jan 2019 By @jurnoleast

Among the plethora of ICC awards that came Virat Kohli’s way, one unique recognition of his talent was the award for Best Cricketer in a TV Commercial. The cricketer got the award for his portrayal of the guy next door wearing a Manyawar kurta.


“This is the first time any cricketer in the history of ICC has been an award for something beyond cricket. Similar in a way to the Philip Kotler award which PM Modi received a few days back,” said a senior ICC official.

Sources say that suspended cricketer Hardik Pandya was also in contention but was struck off from the list after his Koffee with Karan fiasco.

Coach Ravi Shastri was full of praise for Kohli and remarked that the team India captain reminded him of his younger days. “I may have a beer belly now. But in my heydays team mates used to say that I had supermodel kinda looks. If these awards were handed out then, would have surely received one,” he said while opening a bottle of chilled Bud.

While speaking to media persons, an ecstatic Kohli said, “ICC is very kind. They gave me a list of awards to choose from before making the announcement. In fact his was part of ICC’s make you own award segment. I thought Best Cricketer, Best Test Player, Best One Day Player are all sports related. I wanted some appreciation for my sartorial choice, so came up with this award.”

An ICC spokesperson said that this is not the end of the award for Indian cricketers. “There’s Best Tattoo, Best Mustache, Best Victory Dance and host of other awards all tailored for the Indian Cricket team,” he said.

Meanwhile, opener Shikhar Dhawan, who many see as the undisputed choice for Best Mustache, was seen trimming his mustache in the hotel saloon.