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Visited Mathura at least 250 times on Google maps, Hema Malini hits backs at those accusing her of not visiting her constituency

01, Apr 2019 By @jurnoleast

Veteran bollywood actress and MP Hema Malini has hit back at media outlets her critics who accused her of neglecting her constituency. A livid Hema castigated the media for spreading misinformation and even put on record that she visited her constituency several times while doing considerable amount of work.


“I know it’s election time and some of these news channels pandering to the wishes of opposition parties by trying to tarnish my image. Let me tell you that I have visited Mathura at least 250 times on Google Maps. And speaking about my work, I have addressed the issue of clean drinking water by installing KentRO purifier at various locations across Mathura,” she said while speaking to our reporter.

While on campaign trail the actress was seen armed with sickle amidst farmers who were busy harvesting their crops. Hema Malini has promised to recreate her iconic tangewali character to ease the commuting woes. “People here face a lot of issue with traveling. I will be starting a shuttle tanga service to  help them travel between their field and their homes,” Hema added while giving our reporter a glimpse of the tanga which would be used for the service.

A few locals however were not too happy with their MP. “This is the first time I am seeing her in Mathura. She only comes during elections and indulges in a few antics for the camera. Once the eletions are done. She is nowhere to be found. Her knowledge about our problems is as bad as Katrina Kaif’s acting,” said a local farmer.

While interacting with villagers, Hema was inundated with requests to be more proactive with ground level issues that affect the people of Mathura. From sanitation and good roads to the menace of stray dogs, locals wanted their MP to have a reality check.

Hema Malini assured the locals that if voted to power, she will rope in Dharamji to take care of stray dogs.